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There is never a good time for your equipment to be down.

Hughes Heating and Cooling can help, even when time doesn't allow service during regular hours.  

Hughes Heating & Cooling Preventative Maintenance

A brief History of Hughes heating and Cooling

Hughes Heating Company was started in Memphis by my great-grandfather, Walter J. Hughes, in 1905.  The work in those days consisted of installing steam boilers and radiators in homes.

In 1916, my grandfather, Ralph Hughes, came to work for the company, delivering pipe fittings in a gunny sack via streetcar.

My father, Walter R. Hughes, returned from WWII in 1945 and soon the company was doing air conditioning and heating work on some of the largest building projects in Memphis.

I came to work for the company in 1957 as a young boy, cleaning out the inside of boilers and full-time after college.  In 1982, we opened a service department and in 1990 started servicing heating, air conditioning and refrigeration on tow boats on the Mississippi river.

Hughes Heating & Cooling preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance program

preventative maintenance plan